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7 Aug

10 Best French Riviera Road Trip Stops

[ad_1] St. Stropez, Cannes, Monaco, Marseilles, Nice, and more drool worthy destinations that are going to make up this list of the best French Riviera road trip stops. AND you can do it on a somewhat budget!I always dreamt of going to the French Riviera, but unfortunatley by the time my dream came into fruition, I was no longer solo, and my bf did not agree with my glamorous ideas of hotel hopping in some of the most expensive places in the world. OH! And it was 2020, when my...

23 Jul

How to Move Out of the U.S.

[ad_1] One of the most searched terms right now is “How to move out of the U.S.”. It doesn’t surprise me at all, but then again I’ve been escaping the U.S. for several years now, with an official move to expat-life in early March of 2020.According to several surveys, many Americans are seeking a better life abroad for several reasons right now. For some it’s safety from the continuously spreading contagion, for others it’s for cheaper living options, and for most, it’s just to escape all the chaos and find...

29 Jun

current rules and travel report June 2020

[ad_1] Hotels, private rentals, and guest-houses – whats the situation?The Safe and Clean initiative mentioned above mainly applies to accommodation in my eyes, as this would be my biggest concern in terms of Coronavirus in Portugal, and limiting my contact. There is no rule on occupancy limits for hotels, but the other rules must be followed.For sure, this year Airbnb and villa rentals will be popular, as people will want to have more private spaces. I’ve stayed in different types of properties in the past month and will give my...

28 Jun

Ultimate Sitges Staycation Guide! – My Life’s a Movie

[ad_1] If you’re traveling to Spain, especially to Barcelona, you absolutely must schedule a few days for a Sitges staycation! It will be extremely easy to do using my Sitges Staycation Guide!Sitges is an adorable little Mediterranean beach town known for being LGBQT-friendly, and only about 30 km south of Barcelona! There are several ways to get there that range from budget to comfort, and many accommodation options as well! You technically can also do it as a day trip if you don’t want to pay to stay overnight!Again, this...

28 Jun

17 Fun Things to do in Sitges!

[ad_1] Now that you’ve read my Ultimate Sitges Staycation Guide, here’s the extended list of Fun Things to do in Sitges!I did all of this in a day and a half, but if you’re looking to relax more, I’d suggest staying longer! Don’t forget to also check out my Best Photo Spots in Sitges post, and to save these on your Pinterest for later trip planning!Note: This trip and post was done entirely out of pocket, so if you enjoy the free info, please leave me some love in the...

28 Jun

Best Sitges Photo Spots for Photo Lovers

[ad_1] If you’re like me when you travel, you immediately looked up “Best Sitges Photo Spots”! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I found most of these spots in a day and a half, but this sea-side town is so cute that I’d highly suggest spending some down time as well!Note: This post and trip was out of pocket, so if you enjoy the free info, please share on social media so I can keep doing what I do! Thank you! Here are tips and descriptions of the Best SItges...

15 Jun

Top 10 Madrid Photo Spots

[ad_1] If you’re looking for the top Madrid photo spots, check out these amazing recommendations by a local! Madrid is a city mostly known to be a cultural location but it is also a beautiful and funny one, with amazing views and incredible places.Whether you like baroque style, gothic one or street art, you will find the perfect spot for you! And if you are more of a romantic spirit or nature lover, there is always a place made for you which will let you take your best poses and...

2 Jun

Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Balkans

[ad_1] Who wouldn’t want to road trip on these roads?Perfect for road tripsOn my first trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, three of us piled into a car, pointed to places on the map and just drove across surprisingly well-developed roads, well, for the most part.What we didn’t quite anticipate was just how damn often we would be stopping the car to stand in awe of the natural beauty that is packed into Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lakes are a mesmerising shade of blues and greens, towering mountains collide with clouds...

25 May

When Can You Travel to Spain in 2020: De-Escalation Updates

[ad_1] Since I’ve been stuck in Spain during the whole pandemic, and checking for de-escalations every day, I decided to make a post that will keep you updated, especially if you’re wondering when you can travel to Spain or other parts of Europe.This post is specifically for Spain since that’s where I am and have the most accurate updates, but I will also include other Europe travel updates if I hear about them in the news.So, today is May 16th, I have been in Barcelona since March 5th, was in...

22 May

ULTIMATE Spain Long Term Visa Guide: How to Legally Live in Spain (Project Expat)

[ad_1] The number one question I’ve gotten about Project Expat is how to get a visa to live to Spain, so here is my complete Spain Long Term Visa Guide!This information is for people who are looking to move to Spain, or stay here for longer than the free 3 month tourist visa. Full disclosure, I was intending on just using the 3 month visa since I was planning on traveling for most of the year, so that’s the one I have. I also got “lucky” with getting stuck in...

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