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16 Absolute Best Tulum Photo Spots

5 Nov

16 Absolute Best Tulum Photo Spots

If you want an easy cheat sheet to the best Tulum photo spots, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve been to Tulum several times now (I currently am living 45 minutes away), so have been to the “Instagram Famous” places, the local secrets, and then some I have discovered on my own!

While I’m happy to make your life easier and photography dreams come true, PLEASE remember a few things!

Please be courteous of the environment and locals. If you take a photo somewhere that is part of a business, at least buy something there if you can. DO NOT leave any trash whatsoever. Be aware that for Tulum to exist, it had to sacrifice A LOT of mangroves and wild life!

I’d highly suggest reading my Ultimate Tulum (Stress Free) Guide as well. It has everything you need to know to plan your trip, plus information about “Greenwashing” and essential safety tips!

Last, if you enjoyed this post, please Pin it on Pinterest or share it on social media, it will really help me out! If you go to any of these spots, please also use my tag #MyLifesATravelMovie, so I can show you some love on social!

Alright, now here’s the best Tulum photo spots!

Giant Tree Man at Ahau

best photo spots tulum giant tree statue

Arguably the most iconic, trendy photo spot in Tulum right now is with this giant head statue! It was actually made for an art exhibit but it was so popular, that Ahau Resort bought it for decoration!

Now there is almost always a line of fashionably-dressed photo-seekers waiting for their banger shot with the big head! If you take a photo here, be sure to meander inside to Ahau’s beach club, and have a drink in exchange for taking your photo!

‘Follow That Dream’ Sign

follow that dream sign tulum

There are lots of life-inspiring street signs in Tulum thanks to the many artists there. But the ‘Follow that Dream’ one is by far the most popular!

It’s located just outside of Lolita Lolita, literally on the side of the road. That being said, be VERY careful when taking photos there! In fact, I’d suggest going around 9am or earlier to avoid traffic, and have better lighting!

I Love Tulum So Matcha Sign

tulum matcha sign mylifesamovie.com

Just up the road from the sign above, is Matcha Mama; a tiny little smoothie, juice, and health food shop! It’s better known though for it’s Instagramable set up out front though!

There’s two swings at their bar, and a surfboard with the words “I love Tulum so Matcha” painted on it. If you snap a pic, be sure to at least buy a cup of matcha!

Wedding Dress Curtain at Casa Malca

Spoiler alert: This photo op is strictly for guests only, or “approved influencers”.

Casa Malca is notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar’s former residence (imagine that, he had the ONLY mansion ON Tulum Beach). It has since been converted into a posh hotel, restaurant, and beach club, all of which are extremely exclusive.

The famous Wedding Dress Curtain you see on Instagram can only be accessed by guests staying the night there. and the nightly price is close to a hefty $700 USD!

You can however go to the beach club (with a minimum spending limit) or book a reservation at their restaurant!

Giant Hand at Hun Tulum

Spoiler Alert: Guests Only or “Approved Influencers”

There’s a giant wooden hand that stretches out over the jungle at Hun Tulum hotel. Unfortunately, you can only go see it if you’re staying at the hotel, or if you’re an influencer who got approved to visit.

The good news is that if you DO want to stay there, it’s only about $200 USD per night. Which, is relatively “affordable” in Tulum.

Clan Destino Cenote-Bar

There’s a :gasp: FREE cenote you can visit right off the main beach road in Tulum! It has a bar/reastaurant built around it (win), and even a cute little swing over it for photos (double win)!

Sadly the storm made it poo-brown when I was there in September, but if you visit later on, be sure to check in to see if it’s back to pretty blue!


Spoiler Alert: guests only, influencers must apply (OR pay to go to their restaurant/beach club)

Azulik is personally at the top of my list for places I want to photograph! However to get inside the actual nest-like rooms, you need to be a guest (or apply as an influencer). Unlike some of the other resorts that are somewhat do-able, Azulik is currently a whopping $1,000 USD per night! Unless you have that type of cash flow, you better up your Insta game!

There are however, public accessible areas of Azulik that you can check out though. They have a gallery, shops, and a spa you can visit, and you can also reserve a table at one of their restuarants.

They have a beach club, but the minimum spending limit there is $80…and that’s likely in low season 😉


Holistika is a yoga and meditation center that is open and welcoming to the public! It’s located in the Downtown area (away from the beach), and has several beautiful areas to take photos!

Amansala Beach Club

tulum photo spots beach clubs areas of tulum

Tulum Beach

Tulum photo spots

Don’t forget to take photos on the actual beach in Tulum! Tulum Beach is one of the most beautiful ones in the area thanks to the turquoise blue Caribbean water and soft white sand!

Depending on the weather, you can walk up and down the entire beach, which is lined with beach clubs, hotels, and resorts of all calibers!

The tricky part is finding a public entrance to Tulum Beach. Most hotels have walls out front to keep them secluded to guests, while others will allow you through to access their beach clubs!

Playa Paraiso

playa paraiso

Playa Paraiso is more of a public beach area, with a lot more sand-space as well. It’s to the left on the main road that goes towards the beach, and the road is a lot narrower. There’s also less hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs (only the beach side of the road has them), which is kind of nice!

Here you can find the boats to take you to see the Tulum Ruins (by boat) and snorkeling tours! There’s also a restaurant here I really like called Villa Pescadores!

Tulum Ruins

Dos Ojos Cenote

best Tulum photo spots dos ojos
Oh ya, cenotes are so pretty when it’s a pic of a girl sitting near it…meanwhile, she almost downs in it twice.

Although I almost died (exaggerating) scuba diving in Dos Ojos (I had a panic attack in an underwater cave tunnel), it’s still a nice place for photos. It’s just east of Tulum, so good to visit either on your way there, leaving, or simply as a day trip!

Secret Tip: the road that Dos Ojos is on, has several other lesser-known cenotes as well! If you want to avoid crowds or the typical photo, try to check some of those out as well! You may even find the one below!

Secret Cenote

I’ve been asked by the tour company who took me here not to publicly disclose the name of this glorious cenote. But I can tell you it’s one of the most breath-taking ones I’ve seen since you can see the limestone rocks in the water!

It’s actually located in a traditional Mayan village, and its entrance is a mere hole in the ground that is completely unassuming! You even have to take a staircase down into it!

If you’d like to experience this secret cenote, please book a tour with Tourismo Channel! They’ll even take all of your photos for you!

Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote is another one of the most famous/popular cenotes in the area. It’s just north of Tulum, towards Coba. I haven’t been, but I know it’s a lot bigger than most cenotes I’ve seen, and also a lot pricier! I believe they wanted $30 USD for entry!

If you do go here, I’d recommend going early in the morning to beat the crowds!

Boho Hammocks and Swings

best tulum photo spots

You don’t even need to look for boho hammocks or swings, because they are everywhere you look in Tulum! And I’m not mad about it either, since they definitely create some of the best photo spots in Tulum!

Nearly every Beach Club has these boho-chic pieces of furniture, so just meander around, because you’re sure to find some!

For specific places I went to with them, check out Amansala for their black boho pool side hammocks, and Dos Ceibas beach club for their bar swings!

Tulum Food Trucks

TUlum Food Trucks

I’d never ever take a photo with a truck…unless it was a food truck. For some reason they are just so freaking cute! There is a small area of food trucks right next to Matcha Mama, and they serve pretty good food! Even vegan tacos!

BUT. Of course since it’s Tulum Beach, even the food trucks are wicked expensive!

Playa Ruinas Snorkeling

bast Tulum photo spots Tulum ruins

As I mentioned above, you can take a boat from Playa Paraiso to Playa Ruinas (the beach just below the ruins). But, right now, you are not allowed to go on the actual beach. When I was there three years ago, you could, and therefore it was packed. So maybe that’s why you’re no longer allowed on it!

It’s still very beautiful to see from the boat though! And your guide will give you an intriguing explanation about the purposes the ancients ruins held!

Then you’ll go further out to snorkel around the second largest barrier reef in the world!

Spoiler alert: Sadly most of the coral is bleached or dead due to both global warming and ocean waste (likely from the hotels dumping your waste into the underground river system). You will likely see sting rays but it’s because the boat drivers feed them!

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