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BEST Joshua Tree travel tips for Fall 2020!

4 Oct

BEST Joshua Tree travel tips for Fall 2020!

Joshua Tree has become increasingly trendy and popular over the years, and after visiting it, it’s easy to see why! Just a short three hour drive from Los Angeles, and you’ll be in this Wild West meets Men in Black desert playground! ‘

The funny looking Joshua Trees in Joshua Tree National Park!

Many people associate Joshua Tree as a place for “hippies”, “yogis”, or a place to visit before or after Coachella. But I can assure you, I am interested in NONE of those things, and I absolutely loved it!

As I mentioned, Joshua Tree National Park is wildly trendy these days, so you defintiely want to plan in advance, ESPECIALLY your accomodation! Things book up FAST and there aren’t a whole lot of options near the actual National Park!

Fall is the best time to go, since it won’t be so hot during the day. But just to warn you — it WILL get cold at night, and it WILL get crowded during the day!

Check out the rest of my tips and my itinerary for planning a Joshua Tree road trip in Fall 2020!

Disclosure: This post is written in partnership with Hotels.com, however all opinions, itineraries, and photos are my own!

Covid Disclaimer: Traveling right now is at your own risk, however we would like to emphasize the importance of taking safety precautions against the spread of covid19. Wear a fase mask and wash hands fequently. Do NOT cough, sneeze, spit, or pick your nose in public areas. Try to arrive places early to avoid crowds and always make an effort to distance yourself from others!

Tips For Going to Joshua Tree in Fall 2020:

  • Expect crowds. It’s the perfect temperature, and there’s also a lot of holidays! Plus…it’s 2020, and most people are opting for road trips and domestic travel.
  • To AVOID crowds, get to Joshua Tree National Park as early in the morning as you can! 
  • Book your accommodation far in advance! Especially if you want to stay closer to the park to get there first!
  • Never EVER litter. Even food. DON’T DO IT.
  • Expect chilly nights! Even when it’s brutally hot during the day!

Where to Stay?

Joshua Tree Fall 2020 Guide

As I mentioned above, you’ll need to book your Joshua Tree accommodation far in advance because everything fills up quickly! Places range from budget to luxury, and there’s even a few campervan options! I would suggest using the map feature to see which places are closest to the park entrances if you’re wanting to get there first thing in the morning!

Otherwise you can explore tons of more options just a few miles from the park entrances!

Best Things to See in Joshua Tree

Joshua Trees!

Naturally the first of the best things to see in Joshua Tree…are the Joshua Trees! They’re these funny cactus-like trees that look like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book or Salvador Dali painting! And they are EVERYWHERE! AKA don’t immediately stop at the first ones you see when you enter Joshua Tree National Park!

I say that because you want to get to the most popular sites as early as possible first. If you spend too long taking pics of every tree, you’ll be disappointing by the crowds…and the heat! Save the Joshua Tree photos for last, trust me!

Skull Rock

Skull Rock in Joshua Tree really does look like a giant skull in real life! No IG-fakeness about it! For the most part people are courteous of photo-takers, and everyone waits their turn. But I still say go here as early as possible in case there’s that guy or girl who decides to have a picnic right in front of the photo-op.

You can easily type in “Skull Rock” to find it on your phone’s GPS. I would highly recommend downloading the map (using google maps) or using Maps.me, because service is spotty out there!

Cactus Garden

The Cactus Garden is usually listed as a top site to see in Joshua Tree, but to be honest, I found the long road near it more stunning. It’s a downward hill, so you get this really cool visual effect of the road going on and on forever! Just be careful with cars of course…

Arch Rock at White Tank Campground

I didn’t make it to Arch Rock because I had my dog with me, and dogs are not allowed on hiking trails. That being said, it’s a bit of a hike to get to it.

You start at White Tank Campground and follow the trail from there. Many people go at night to see the clear starry skies, just be careful hiking and driving at night!


One thing you should NOT miss in Joshua Tree National Park, are the sunrises and/or sunsets! As you can see from the photo, they are absolutely STUNNING! And there are so many different places to get a great photo as well!

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for cool rock formations during the day that you may want to go back to later or early in the morning for sunrise/sunset! This photo was actually taken just outside the entrance to the park!

Pioneer Town

If you go to Joshua Tree, I would HIGHLY recommend stopping in Pioneer Town as well! It’s a small little “Wild West” town that was originally a movie set! After the movie wrapped, some actors got together and paid to keep the set there as a tribute to the American West!

Now the facades are actual shops! And there’s a really good BBQ restaurant there as well, that includes vegetarian and pescatarian options!

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Joshua Tree is the perfect Fall 2020 trip to take! Just a short drive from Los Angeles and you'll be in what seems like "Wild West" meets "Men in Black"! Here's all of my pro tips, especially for beating the crowds, plus the best photo spots in and around Joshua Tree!
Joshua Tree is the perfect Fall 2020 trip to take! Just a short drive from Los Angeles and you'll be in what seems like "Wild West" meets "Men in Black"! Here's all of my pro tips, especially for beating the crowds, plus the best photo spots in and around Joshua Tree!

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