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Ultimate Sitges Staycation Guide! – My Life’s a Movie

28 Jun

Ultimate Sitges Staycation Guide! – My Life’s a Movie

SItges is an adorable Mediterranean Sea town just 40 minutes south of Barcelona, Spain! It's definitely worth at least a day trip and is easily accessible by train, car, or even bike! Save my Ultimate Sitges Staycation Guide for everything you need to know to easily book your trip, plus the best things to do and best photo spots!

If you’re traveling to Spain, especially to Barcelona, you absolutely must schedule a few days for a Sitges staycation! It will be extremely easy to do using my Sitges Staycation Guide!

Sitges is an adorable little Mediterranean beach town known for being LGBQT-friendly, and only about 30 km south of Barcelona! There are several ways to get there that range from budget to comfort, and many accommodation options as well! You technically can also do it as a day trip if you don’t want to pay to stay overnight!

Again, this little town is a MUST and comes highly recommended from someone who has been to A LOT of beach towns in the world! Here’s everything you need to know!

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Note: Current conversion rate is 1 = $1.13

How to Get to Sitges from Barcelona:

How to get to Sitges Spain

Like I said there are many ways to get to Sitges from Barcelona, and they range from budget to comfort/convenience. The cheaper options take longer, and the pricier options are quicker and more convenient.

PRO TIP: Use google maps to get there but make sure you type in “No Tolls” unless you have cash to pay for them!

I rented a car so I’ll start with the pricier options:

  • Rent a Car for 25-40: If you’re already in Barcelona, you can rent a car from the city center. I used Avis and got a small SUV for about $35 base but beware of the extra fees they charge for taxes and additional drivers. NOTE: You need to go to the Avis office first to sign a contract, then you walk to pick it up in an underground parking garage (google maps makes this confusing), also most of the cars are manual! I used this option because we had all of our luggage with us. You can also get cheaper options at the airport but then you need to take the train there and back. From Barcelona city the drive is only about 40 minutes.
  • Rent a Motorbike for 40: Motorbikes/Scooters are definitely a fun option, especially if you can’t drive manual in a car or don’t want to take public transportation. The only downside is that they’re somehow the most expensive option! You at least won’t have to pay for parking though (don’t park on sidewalks or you’ll get a ticket), and can get around Sitges faster!
  • Take the Train for €14: There are two train options, the cheaper one is only €7 each way! It takes longer, about 1 hour or so, but is worth saving the money and hassle of renting something. Trains start leaving early in the morning, and the last one leaves around 10:45pm at night!
  • Rent a Bike for €5: The cheapest daily rental I have seen for a bike is only €5, so if you’re up for a 2 hour bike ride (each way) this could be an option for you! WARNING: the roads have steep inclines, so if you aren’t a regular biker, I wouldn’t suggest it. I bike in the city every day and still wouldn’t attempt the hills!

Where to Stay

Mim Hotel

Since SItges was a staycation for me, I splurged a bit to stay at one of the nicer hotels there. To be completely honest, the price wasn’t worth the quality of the room, but it did have a nice rooftop restaurant and pool with stunning 360 views! I was also able to park my car underground there for a whopping €20 which I ate the cost for because I wanted the security of all of the belongings in the car.

The hotel I stayed at was Hotel MiM which averages €150/night, it’s one of the top ranked hotels in Sitges, I will add more as I visit more!

If you’re on a budget, there’s also quite a few cheap hotels, and of course, several Airbnbs!

In terms of the best areas to stay: Sitges is relatively small, but you’ll definitely want to stay somewhere somewhat central since it is also very much a walking town! The main beaches to try to stay near are below!

Best Beaches and Nude Beaches!

spain beaches

There are several beautiful beaches in Sitges, with clear blue water that you won’t find in Barcelona! Fair warning though, some of them are nude beaches! Don’t worry, if you don’t want to de-robe, you can still go there in a swimsuit! There’s 17 in total but I’ll list the most popular ones/ones I went to!

(PS in case you’re wondering, “Platja” means beach in Catalan!)

Here’s a description of the best beaches in Sitges:

When to Go

Sitges Staycation Guide

Most people head to Sitges in the spring and summer to enjoy the warm weather. That usually means it also gets very crowded though! Fortunately for me (although selfishly) since lockdown just ended, I am able to enjoy less crowds in the prime time.

Late June has been the best weather I’ve experienced so far! It’s not too hot and the rain is fleeting.

Best Things to do In Sitges

sitges old town

This post is getting a bit long for most of our attention spans so I’ll make a short list below, and encourage you to see my complete post about the 17 Best Things to Do in Sitges! I also have a very thorough guide for the Best Photography Spots in Sitges!

Here are my top recomendations for the Best Things to do in Sitges:

  • Walk the Entire Beach Front
  • Have Drinks at a Chiringuito
  • Take in Views from a Pier
  • Search for Blue and White Streets
  • Eat Paella on the Beach Front
  • Have a Photoshoot in Palau de Maricel
  • Cool off with Culture in Museo de Maricel
  • Find the Clock Tower
  • Bar Hop in the Old City at Night
  • Visit a Nude Beach
  • Walk Up to the Marina for Great Views
  • Go to a Rooftop Bar
  • Take a Tour of the Bacardi Museum
  • Find All of the Best Photo Spots
  • Buy a Unique Handicraft
  • Sunbathe and Swim

Best Photo Spots in Sitges

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