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Best Sitges Photo Spots for Photo Lovers

28 Jun

Best Sitges Photo Spots for Photo Lovers

Sitges is one of the most photo-worthy Mediterranean Sea towns in Spain, and only 40 minutes from Barcelona! If you want a short cut to finding all of the best Sitges photo spots, here's my guide, which includes a google map with directions!

If you’re like me when you travel, you immediately looked up “Best Sitges Photo Spots”! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I found most of these spots in a day and a half, but this sea-side town is so cute that I’d highly suggest spending some down time as well!

Note: This post and trip was out of pocket, so if you enjoy the free info, please share on social media so I can keep doing what I do! Thank you!

Here are tips and descriptions of the Best SItges Photo Spots!

Outside of Museo de Maricel

Museo de Maricel Sitges

One of the most recognizable photos you will see of Sitges is the white and beige building by the sea. It’s actually the outside of Museo de Maricel, which is also a great photo spot! If you go early, or have a lot of patience, you can get a shot under the building bridge with no one in it!

Inside of Museo de Maricel

Museo de maricel
Museo de maricel

Don’t skip the museum just because the outside of it is pretty! There are many stunning blue rooms inside the Museo de Maricel, and also a famous sculpture room that looks over the Mediterranean!

Palau de Maricel

This palace is a photographer’s dream come true! With hand-laid blue, white, and yellow tiles everywhere, you’ll think you’ve been transported to Morocco! It’s $5 for a ticket, and best to reserve them online as space is limited!

Church by the Sea

best sitges photo spots

The ultimate icon of all the Sitges photo spots is the whitewashed church by the sea! You can’t miss it from any direction, and will find amble photography angles from all sides! My favorite angle was walking out on the rock pier and shooting from there so you can see the water crashing on it’s side as well as the city behind it!

Blue and White Streets

sitges old town

Santorini is hands down one of the most photographed places in the world. So you can probably guess how exciting it is to see blue and white streets in Sitges! There’s a few different areas that have them, but it’s best to just stroll around and find the ones you like the most.

End of Rock Piers

sitges beaches

As I mentioned with the church by the sea, there are rock piers that you can walk out on for some amazing angles of the beaches and cities! There’s several of them that separate the beaches, just be careful climbing on the rocks, and please do not leave trash on them!

Sea Front Promenades

Sitges Sea Walk

The buildings that line the shore in Sitges are some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! With adorable balconies and pastel colors, plus the bustling outdoor seating restaurants below. There’s so many angles to shoot the promenades, whether from the sidewalk or from the beach!

Marina Walk

best sitges photo spots

The Sitges Marina is a bit farther from the main beaches and town, but worth the work-out for the epic views! You’ll go slightly uphill, and then if you look back, you’ll get a lovely elevated shot of the beach, town, and church. If you keep going (towards the nude beaches) you’ll get more mountain views and sea cliffs!

Clock Tower

Sitges clocktower

Nestled right smack in the middle of the Old Town is a clock tower that makes for one of the best Sitges photo spots, as it’s at the end of a cute narrow street.

Bacardi Museum

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