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17 Fun Things to do in Sitges!

28 Jun

17 Fun Things to do in Sitges!

Sitges is a MUST VISIT if you're going to Barcelona! It's only about 40 minutes and has beautiful beaches plus an adorable little sea-side Old Town! Here's 17 fun things to do in Sitges, ranging from sites to eats, and all the beaches in between! Includes google map with directions!

Now that you’ve read my Ultimate Sitges Staycation Guide, here’s the extended list of Fun Things to do in Sitges!

I did all of this in a day and a half, but if you’re looking to relax more, I’d suggest staying longer! Don’t forget to also check out my Best Photo Spots in Sitges post, and to save these on your Pinterest for later trip planning!

Note: This trip and post was done entirely out of pocket, so if you enjoy the free info, please leave me some love in the comments or even better, SHARE on social media, so I can keep doing what I do! Thank you!!

Walk the Entire Sitges Beach Front

Sitges Marina

There are 17 total beaches in Sitges, some are far, some are secluded, some are busy, and some are nude! If you have a lot of time, try to walk the entire distance of all of them! Or if you’re limited on time, start at Platja San Sebastia and walk all the way towards the marina and end at the nudist beach, Platja del Balmains!

It’s a bit of a hike, but the views are absolutely worth it!

Have Drinks at a Chiringuito


Chiringuito means beach bar, and there are many of them in Sitges! They might be a bit on the pricey side since they’re literally on the sand, but worth it if you want to cool down from the hot sun!

Take in Views from a Rock Pier

sitges beaches

You’ll notice there are several rock piers that separate the many beaches. If you carefully walk to the end of them, you’ll find they also offer stunning views of the beach and city! They’re also a sand-free alternative for sunbathing!

Search for Blue and White Streets

Sitges Sea Walk

Santorini and Tunisia aren’t the only places with cute white and blue streets! If you stroll around the Old City, you’ll find several blue and white streets that are absolutely adorable, and photo worthy!

Eat Paella on the Beach Front

arroz negro black paella

Eating paella in Spain might sound cliche, but it’s an absolute must! Especially in a Mediterranean sea town! Most of the restaurants serve paella, and they do so in several different methods. For example, you can get “arroz negro” (black rice that gets its color from squid ink) or get the rice replaced with noodles!

Something I noticed in the Paella in Sitges that I didn’t see in Barcelona is the use of whole baby squids! It’s a little freaky and I’m not 100% sold on the taste, but worth trying!

Have a Photoshoot in Palau de Maricel

Palau de Maricel (not to be confused with the museum counterpart) is a photo-lovers heaven! With blue, white, and yellow tiles everywhere, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a riad in Morocco!

Get tickets in advance online for a discount and to make sure they’re available!

Cool off with Culture in Museo de Maricel

Museo de maricel

If the weather is cloudy or you need a break from the sun, definitely check out Museo de Maricel! It’s located inside the pretty white and beige building everyone takes photos at, and has some stunning views of the sea from inside!

It’s actually pretty big with multiple floors so expect to spend a couple hours there!

Find the Clock Tower

Sitges clocktower

Full honest, I accidentally found the clocktower after a few glasses of wine, so I don’t fully remember what the area was like around it aside from lots of cute restaurants! I’ve pinned it anyway, but if you want to make it fun, try finding it without the map!

Bar Hop in Sitges Old City at Night

Sitges nightlife

After a long day at the beach, and perhaps a siesta, freshen up and hit the streets of Old CIty for some fun bar hopping! There are a wide range of options, from sitting and sipping wine outside to dancing in a raging gay club!

Visit a Nude Beach

Most of us hear “nude beach” and are immediately shocked or intrigued. Nude beaches are something that sound rare and taboo for most of us (like me coming from the U.S.), but are quite normal in Europe.

In Sitges there are two main nude beaches; Platja d’Aiguadolç and Platja del Balmains. Both are east of the church by the sea and require a bit of walking uphill to get to. Don’t worry, just because others get nakey, doesn’t mean you have to!

Walk Up to the Marina for Great Views

sitges nudist beach

On the way to the marina and nude beaches there is a beach club uphill with amazing views of the little town and beach below! Stop and have a drink there if you have time, and soak in the view!

Go to a Rooftop Bar

rooftop bar sitges

I purposely stayed at Hotel MiM because of their glorious looking rooftop! But then I realized you don’t have to be a guest to go up there! (Well, this is written right after lockdown so the rules might be stricter when things go back to normal). Just buy a drink or appetizer and enjoy the views!

Take a Tour of the Bacardi Museum

Casa de Bacardi Sitges

This was on most blogs and websites list of best things to do in Sitges so of course I had to check it out! I also wanted to do something I knew my boyfriend would enjoy, since running around taking pictures and playing at the beach isn’t exactly his cup of tea.

It’s only about $15 for a tour and then you get a cocktail making class and a drink! It was definitely a cute activity, especially if you need a break from the sun!

Find All of the Best Photo Spots

Museo de Maricel Sitges

Obviously it is my job to find the best photo spots, and Sitges made my job very easy! If you love photography and want some tips for the best spots to shoot, check out my guide (yes there are a lot so I had to make a separate post!) Best Photo Spots in Sitges.

Buy a Unique Handicraft

bacardi museum

You’ll see several people selling jewelry or other handicrafts around SItges. Almost all of them come from another country, and sell things from there, or that they make. Some of the items are really nice, and not too expensive either!

I bought a pair of peacock feather earrings with Tiger Eye stones from a guy from Morocco for only $10! He even accepted credit cards!

Sunbathe and Swim

sitges beaches

This may sound obvious, but I added it in any way as a reminder to stop and enjoy what Sitges is known for! It’s beautiful beaches! Trust me the water in Sitges is much nicer than in Barcelona, so swim and splash in it for as long as you can!

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