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Top 10 Madrid Photo Spots

15 Jun

Top 10 Madrid Photo Spots

If you’re looking for the top Madrid photo spots, check out these amazing recommendations by a local! Madrid is a city mostly known to be a cultural location but it is also a beautiful and funny one, with amazing views and incredible places.

Whether you like baroque style, gothic one or street art, you will find the perfect spot for you! And if you are more of a romantic spirit or nature lover, there is always a place made for you which will let you take your best poses and pictures. 

  1. RIU Hotel
gran via hotel madrid

The first most incredible of the Madrid photo spots in the capital is the RIU Hotel. On top of this luxury hotel, you will have access to its rooftop offering an amazing view over the city and its surroundings. But the exact place to take your photos is for sure the glass walkway which links two of the buildings. I just hope that you are not afraid of heights because you will see the whole city right underneath your feet!

  1. Temple of Debod
temple of debod best madrid photo spots

The temple of debod is located next to the Plaza Mayor in the West Park of the city. This monument was initially built in Egypt where it had to be relocated because of the Aswan High Dam construction. That is why in the late 60’s, the building was transferred in Madrid. It is the perfect place when the night comes to take amazing sunset pictures. You will see when the light reflects on the stone, it creates beautiful and harmonious colors.

  1. Salvador Bachiller

This restaurant offers a cosy and intimate atmosphere, both terrace and indoor spaces are designed with trees, flowers and others natural elements, it is a real haven of peace in the middle of the bustling city. It is a sunny and perfect place for a nice brunch or dinner between friends or in couple. They are 3 different locations in the city, each one with a specific theme.

The first one called the “Rincon secreto” is more of a coffee shop designed to create intimate corners to gather between friends and have a nice talk around a drink. The second is the “Invernadero” which is like a tropical jungle in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy exotic and original cocktails. It is designed with plants, green chairs and platters, mirrors and big windows making you feel like in a little comfy greenhouse. And finally the “Jardin” which is the one located in a terrace, surrounded by solar lights and flowers, like a real garden in the city centre.

  1. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
best madrid photo spots

For all the football lovers and especially the Real Madrid Club fans, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the place you must go for! The view on top of the bleachers is simply amazing and by visiting the stadium more in depth with the changing rooms or the trophy rooms you will instantly be transported into a match day!

  1. The Lake in Retiro Park
Retiro Park best photo spots in Madrid

In the Retiro Park, you will encounter a big lake were you can rent a little wood boat or a solar one to navigate on it. Perfect place to take photos of the Alfonso XII monument and also perfect activity to benefit from the sun surrounded by the birds chirping. 

  1. Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace is a very luminous building located in the Retiro Park.

Completely made of glass and iron, it was initially designed to be a greenhouse.

It now welcomes exhibitions from the Reina Sofia allowing you to take outdoor pictures from amazing work of art.

You will see, the reflects are beautiful when the sun shines through the glass.

It is even prettier in autumn when the trees turn into their brownish and orange shades creating a beautiful contrast with the light structure of the building. 

  1. The Royal Palace
royal palace madrid

Want to feel like a queen or king just for one day? Then go visit the Royal Palace where you will be able to take your best photos at the main entrance on the Plaza de Oriente.

From one side you will be able to take amazing shots in front of its stunning baroque architecture. And on the other side you will be facing the Almudena Cathedral, decorated with gold and statues in a gothic style. Both of these building are masterpieces and incredibly good looking on photos.

  1. Malasana graffiti
Madrid Grafiti

The Malasana neighborhood is one of the most colorful place of the city. You will find amazing and diverse graffitis. The most famous one are the turquoise walls of the Tompai shop decorated with opened eyes and the beautiful black and white streets arts in the shape of a heart called “Respira” or “Ama”. 

  1. Plaza mayor 

The Plaza Mayor is also on of the best Madrid photo spots. The walls which surround you are all made of red bricks, the color is even more vibrant when the sun shines, which is rarely not the case in Madrid. You can also choose to pose under the arches at the entrance of the place.

  1. Campo del Moro 
Campo de Moro

The Campo del Moro is one of the Royal Palace garden. At the back of the Palace, you will have access to this huge garden but the more appreciated spot is located on the left when climbing the stairs. You will have a beautiful view over the garden and the back facade of the palace, simply amazing! 

About the author: Juliette Smith

Passionate about travelling. I’ve already been pretty everywhere in Europe and experienced different travelling types from backpacks to luxury ones, from a leisure and relaxing trip to more adventurous ones. But Spain is where my heart is! 

Link to my website: https://madrid-discovery.com/

Ten of the best Madrid photo spots recommended by a local! Includes secret locations of the best hotel rooftop for those IG-worthy shots when you're in Madrid, Spain!
Ten of the best Madrid photo spots recommended by a local! Includes secret locations of the best hotel rooftop for those IG-worthy shots when you're in Madrid, Spain!

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