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When Can You Travel to Spain in 2020: De-Escalation Updates

25 May

When Can You Travel to Spain in 2020: De-Escalation Updates

When can you travel to spain in 2020

Since I’ve been stuck in Spain during the whole pandemic, and checking for de-escalations every day, I decided to make a post that will keep you updated, especially if you’re wondering when you can travel to Spain or other parts of Europe.

This post is specifically for Spain since that’s where I am and have the most accurate updates, but I will also include other Europe travel updates if I hear about them in the news.

So, today is May 16th, I have been in Barcelona since March 5th, was in solitary home confinement from March 15th – May 2. If you’d like to read my full story and updates from Being an American Stuck in Spain During Lockdown, please click the highlighted link! Otherwise updates are below:

March 14th – May 2th: Strict Mandatory Home Confinement

For 47 days, we were not allowed outside for any reason other than walking to the grocery store or pharmacy. People with dogs could walk them, but not even kids were allowed outside.

May 2: Enter into Phase 0

Finally we are granted a few hours outside for exercise, but within certain time frames. They are:

Ages 14-70: Between 6-10am and 8-11pm

Ages 70+: Between 10am-12pm and 7-8pm

Ages 14 and Under: Between 12-7pm with ONE adult or guardian and for ONE hour only

Other rules During Spain’s Phase 0:

  • Walking is allowed less than 1km from your home and with ONE other person from your household
  • Running, biking, or other exercise can be done farther than 1km but ALONE
  • Masks are only required on public transport or confined spaces
  • You CANNOT leave your province (so we can’t leave Barcelona)
  • Restaurants can open for takeaway only

Also this week, the State of the Alarm Extended to May 24th. This means the government can enforce stay at home rules longer.

May 16th: Phase 0 Extended, Travel Ban Pushed Back, Beaches Open for Exercise, Protests Start

Half of Spain has been allowed to go into Phase 1 but Madrid and Catalonia have not. We must remain in Phase 0 for another week.

The civil guard issued a statement warning that civil unrest is likely to start soon if the governments keep extending the State of Alarm and strict stay at home measures. The “1%” (richest people in Spain) are the first to do a protest outside of allowed time-slots.

International travel ban is pushed back to June 15th. This comes after initial news that it was allowed, but along with a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon arrival.


TODAY May 25th: Phase 1

Today we entered into Phase 1, which gives us a little more freedom, but we still have the time tables for when we can go out. We got up early to go to Park Guell, and as the de-escalation plan said, we saw cafes and even bars with street seating open! I’ve never seen so many people drinking a beer for breakfast at 9am!

Phase 1 in Spain Allows:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars to open their terraces or sidewalk seating at half capacity. All the ones I’ve seen so far though have been full.
  • We are unclear of an un-publicized rule that if you are going to eat, have coffee, or a drink somewhere, you can go outside of your time table, but that seems to be the case.
  • Meetings with up to 10 people whether in your home or in public. So we will be having dinner parties finally!
  • Beaches are open for exercise but only during your allowed time table. You technically aren’t allowed to sun bathe or swim for leisure
  • Most small businesses can open but at 30% capacity.
  • Hotels can open but with strict hygiene measures, but their public areas like buffets or terraces must remain closed.
  • Masks must be worn if a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) cannot be maintained. Only about half the people I see are wearing them.
  • You may travel to a second home within your province.

Recent News Updates for International Travel to Spain:


Phase 2: Main highlights: Being able to travel within your province without time tables.

Phase 3: International travel opens, State of Alarm is lifted.

For live footage and updates, just check out my Instagram or Facebook Stories!

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